In this newest run of Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis is really taking his time to flesh out the character of Miles Morales before he ever puts on the Spider-Man costume.  It’s a nice way to really let the audience get to know the person behind the mask.

This issue begins immediately after issue #1 ends, with Miles running down the street after discovering one of his new abilities, something Peter Parker never had.  He encounters a group of street kids who try to take his backpack from him and when Miles tries to fight back, he discovers another new ability, once again something Peter’s Spider-Man never had.  After the manifestation of these new powers, Miles runs to the home of one of his good friends, Ganke, proclaiming that he is a mutant.  Ganke doesn’t believe him and persuades Miles to show him his new tricks.  Miles shows him (it takes a few tries), then tells Ganke that he was bitten by a spider earlier in the day.  Shortly after this, Miles’ father comes into the room and tells his son that they are leaving.  Following this, Miles and his father have a very touching one-on-one conversation in a nearby park which I think is the focal point of this issue because it has the potential to play a major impact on this title and the path it heads down from here.

In this issue, Bendis again demonstrates his uncanny ability to write a very character driven story and give a very human aspect to superhuman people.  So far this is definitely the series with the most character development of all four books in the new Ultimate Comics imprint.  Not only do we focus on Miles and like him, but we also get a heavy dose of Miles’ father and Ganke in this issue, both of whom are sure to have a significant role in this series.  The supporting cast is what really pulls this issue back down to earth and makes it more human and relatable, unfortunately, it also has me really dreading who might possibly die to cause Miles to put on the costume and assume the role of hero.

Another thing that really makes me smile while reading this series are the parallels to the beginning of the original Ultimate Spider-Man run.  When Pichelli draws Miles discovering his wall crawling ability, it is almost a panel for panel recreation of Peter Parker discovering the same ability from the early issues of the first Ultimate Spider-Man run a decade ago.  Pichelli’s artwork also seems to fit the scene that it’s in very well regardless of what that scene may be.  So far there hasn’t been much action in the series, so I’m really anxious to see if the same applies for a scene that is very action oriented.

In short, the creators of this series are really affording the audience the unique opportunity to learn about the person behind the mask, and get to know what he’s like before he becomes a hero.  In addition to that, we’re really getting to know his supporting cast as well, which will lead to stronger stories later on in the series when he may be forced to make important decisions regarding his friends and family.  So far the first two issues of this series have been very well done and I’m very much looking forward to see how the rest of this first story arc plays out.


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