The biggest Marvel event in years continues.  Secret Wars #2 is here.  Can it match the greatness of the series first issue?  Let’s find out.

Before moving on, if you haven’t already read my review for issue #1, go ahead and check it out here:

As we found out in last week’s debut issue, the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe have collided and shattered one another.  In this week’s issue, we’re introduced to “Battleworld,” which Marvel says will be the new status quo for their comics.  The story here serves as a general introduction and overview of Battleworld, which seems to be ruled over by one of the more famous villains in Marvel’s history… no spoilers from me! 😛 Although if you read issue one, it’s not difficult to figure out which one is seemingly pulling the strings.  The main takeaway from this book is how the law works on this world.  There is a planetary police force composed of several different Thors (totally not kidding), who enforce the rules and do the general bidding of the planet’s supreme ruler.  Disputes are settled in a court, where one of two options is available; a civil conclusion where the offending party is forced to give something up, OR a fight to the death.  Parties who really piss off the planet’s ruler are sent to “The Shield,” which is a wall that separates the civilized nations of Battleworld from some of the more monstrous hordes from Marvel’s past, like the Marvel Zombies, just to name one.  Here, they are exiled to an almost certain death.  The general setup of this world is pretty similar to the world of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Jonathan Hickman’s storytelling brilliance continues in this issue.  He successfully weaves the intricate relationships between nations on Battleworld with what seems to be a long and rich history in only a few short pages.  There’s no question that he has created an immensely interesting setting for this event to take place in, and I’m certain that if the writing on the series continues to be this good for the duration, there’s absolutely no reason why this won’t become an instant modern classic.  There’s really not much more I can say about it.

Esad Ribic’s artwork is also fantastic yet again.  He seems to do his best work on an epic scale such as this.  Watching the story bloom from panel to panel as he draws it is like watching history unfold in front of your eyes.  If I have to pick one thing to complain about, it’s that his style of art often leads some background details in the panels to seem kind of muddy and run together, but realistically, that’s really just me reaching for something.

I really cannot express how much I’m enjoying this series so far, and how excited I am to find out where it’s all going.  If you are not reading this, please do yourself a favor and start.  Hands down, these two issues have been the most fun I’ve had reading comics in a long time.  I’m just sad that issue #3 isn’t scheduled to come out for another three weeks.

The Verdict for Secret Wars #2:
Must have Moar!!!

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Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.


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