Spider-Man, or a version of him anyway, is back for his second foray into the world of Secret Wars, but is it worth the read.  Let’s find out.

Despite the mouthful of a title, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1, tells a relatively simple story.  It tells of a simpler, and possibly happier, time in Peter Parker’s life.  A time when he is still married to MJ.  A time before he traded that marriage to Mephisto so that the demon would erase the world’s memory of Peter revealing himself to be Spider-Man.  The story also brings in a villain known as Regent, who has the ability to steal the super powers of Marvel’s heroes.  By the time this first issue is finished, the world of Spider-Man that you thought you knew has been significantly changed.

Longtime Spidey scribe, Dan Slott, gets the writing duties here.  I have very limited experience with his work on the character, but from what I’ve read here, I think I like his take.  He seems to have brought the character back to his roots.  I mean that very literally, as in Peter looking at his uncle Ben’s famous advice in a completely different light.  It’s actually a pretty interesting moment in the latter half of the book.  The other two aspects that I think this issue focuses heavily on are identity, and choices.  Early on in the story, Spider-Man meets up with the Avengers and has Iron Man specifically tell him that it’s his secret identity that’s holding him back from doing bigger and better things, and it’s something that Peter thinks about for a moment.  Regarding choices, Slott again takes Spidey back to his roots, where he forces the character to make a choice between trying to fight and save the city at large, or holding back from the bigger fight to take out a smaller (but no less dangerous) threat to his own family.  It makes for a pretty compelling story.

Veteran, Adam Kubert, takes the artistic reigns in this series.  For the most part, he does a solid job.  There are some odd stylistic choices to some of the Avengers members’ costumes that I’m not quite sure I like (or understand).  Unless he was simply going for the aspect of this being an alternate universe version of Spider-Man and the other heroes.  The action scenes are well done.  Fights flow from one page to the next with ease.  Also, I’ve always felt that the best artists on Spider-Man comics, are the ones that can make the character emote through the mask, and Kubert pulls that off pretty well here.

By the end of this issue, I wasn’t completely blown away, but I was definitely entertained and happy with it.  And I know I’ve said it more than a few times, but I am very pleased to see that Marvel really took some time to line up some great creators for most of the tie-in books to this massive event series.

The Verdict for Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1:
I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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  1. OxenTrot says:

    I just picked up Spiderman: Renew Your Vows Issue One and really dug it. The final panels actually really touched me as a father. I’ve been away from comics for 25 years and last month I decided it was time to return to my geeky roots. I’m a little confused on what is going on but learning a little more each week as I pick up more books. Since the universe is in the throes of change and will be solidified this fall, I think I am at a perfect jumping on point.


    • kdwalls0 says:

      You definitely picked the perfect time to come back, and welcome back, I say! To get a better idea of what’s going on, you should check out the ongoing event series titled “Secret Wars.” It will definitely help to put things into perspective. You can also check out my reviews for the first three issues 🙂

      The last few panels of Renew Your Vows were certainly very touching. They certainly brought some heart back into the character.

      Liked by 1 person

      • OxenTrot says:

        Thank you kindly! I was actually nervous that people would shun me for leaving for so long. It is nice to have a hearty welcome back.

        My return actually began because of the Secret Wars series. That’s what sort of pulled me back in. I was such a fan of the original Secret Wars in the 1980s that when I heard it was coming back again I decided it was finally time to jump in with both feet. Initially I had no clue what was going on. Different characters, old characters but different stories, different universes…it was all strange. But I have been able to catch up a little bit here and there thanks to blogs like this one and people’s recommendations for books or story arcs I should check out.

        I recently read Avengers Vs X-Men, trying to get familiar with some of the characters which are new to me. I am open to any and all suggestions from any and all comic book fans. For example, what comics should I pick up so I can understand why Cyclops seems to be such a jerk in A Vs. XM? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. kdwalls0 says:

    Thanks! It makes me feel good to know that my blog helped bring someone back.

    I think most of Cyke’s jerkiness probably came about during the X-Men event called Schism, which came a year before A vs. X. It highlighted some serious ideological differences between Cyclops and Wolverine that led to significant changes for both characters as well as the entire team.

    Liked by 1 person

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