The story of the (supposed) end of the Ultimate Marvel Universe is back for round two, but is it good enough for you to pick up?  Let’s see.

Ultimate End #2 picks up immediately following the ending of the first issue.  The Thor Corps of Battleworld has arrived to warn the heroes against any attempt to try and fix the incursion anomaly.  God king Doom knows that they want to separate the universes again, and he will have no part of it.  The Thors even make a dramatic display of power to illustrate just how serious they are.  Needless to say, the heroes pay little mind to the warning and the two versions of Tony Stark continue to investigate the reality melding anomaly.  Meanwhile, two separate versions of the Hulk have gotten into a fist fight for some unknown reason and are smashing parts of the city in the process.

Bendis’ writing here is on about the same level as it was in issue #1.  Good enough to move the plot along, but nothing really spectacular or earth-shattering.  The banter between the two Starks is still pretty funny, and there’s a touching scene between Earth-616 Peter Parker and Earth-1610 Aunt May and Gwen Stacy (Four year old spoiler alert, Ultimate Peter Parker died), but ultimately the plot doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere.  We get the same basic premise that we did in issue #1 more or less repeated.  These characters from two different universes co-exist now, there’s tension, some get along, some don’t, they’re trying to figure out how to reverse the incursion.  This issue doesn’t really establish anything new that wasn’t already laid out in the last issue.  The only difference now is that we appear to be heading toward a pretty big action sequence.

Bagley’s art is just as good as it’s always been.  It’s hard for me not to like what he does because I’m so familiar with his work in the Ultimate Marvel Universe.  With more than 100 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man to his name, his style essentially defined the look of the Ultimate line.  However, something does seem a little off with his drawings of Earth-616 Peter Parker.  For whatever reason, it just didn’t look right having him on the same page as the Earth-1610 versions of May and Gwen, but I guess that’s to be expected considering the characters are from two different worlds and are supposed to look that way.  I feel like the fight between the Hulks was also a well illustrated action set-piece from this veteran artist.

Overall, the dialogue is pretty well-written, and the artwork is solid, but the story just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Hopefully that’s something that will change over the remaining three issues in this mini-series, because I really would like to see a great bookend story for the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

The Verdict for Ultimate End #2:
3/5 – Meh…

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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