This week we get to learn a little more about Battleworld’s police force, the Thor Corps.  Are they all they’re cracked up to be?  Let’s find out.

In Thors #1, writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Sprouse give us a more intimate look at the force that helps Doom keep the order on Battleword, the Thors.  This is a group of characters that we’ve seen glimpses of in the main Secret Wars book, as well as many of the other tie-in series, but this one is dedicated completely to them. In this particular story, there’s a serial killer loose on Battleworld that has killed five women in five different territories, but there’s something quite interesting that connects all of the women to one another (no spoilers, read the issue!).  It’s up to the Thor Corps’ best detectives, partners Ultimate Thor and Beta Ray Bill, to track down the killer, but their investigation will not be without its own dangers.

Here, Jason Aaron writes a pretty serious hard-boiled detective drama that just so happens to involve multiple different versions of the god of thunder.  This story is also a perfect companion piece to the Secret Wars event because it’s something that could only happen on Battleworld, specifically within the confines of the event.  I’ve recently become a fan of Aaron’s writing style, and here he doesn’t disappoint.  The whole story reads like a gritty detective novel/cop drama, and it works.  The suspense kept me turning the pages, and the issues final reveals were worth the wait.

Sprouse’s artwork is pretty standard comic book fare.  Nothing terribly spectacular about it, but nothing that detracts from the overall reading experience either.  Forensic analyst Throg (Thor + Frog) was fun to see and read.  The last panel on the last page seemed a little melodramatic to me, but that could just be a me thing.  I don’t want to get too deep into it for fear of giving something away, I’ll just say that it is something that you’ve probably seen in many cop dramas at some point.  Overall, not a whole lot to complain about in the art department, but nothing that really makes the issue stand out either.

In the end, Thors #1 combines a gritty and dramatic story with some pretty solid, if standard, comic book artwork.  It’s not quite as fun as some of the other tie-in series have been so far, but it takes a more serious stance with a story that will keep most fans of detective fiction pretty happy.  And really, it’s magical hammer wielding detectives that can summon lightning, what’s not to like?

The Verdict for Thors #1:
4/5 – I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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