In what must be starting to seem like a dinosaur theme this week, I’m back with my review for Planet Hulk #2.  When we last left the gladiator barbarian version of Captain Rogers, he had just entered Greenland (domain of the Hulks) with his trusty sidekick, a T-Rex named Devil Dinosaur.  In this issue, we see them meet up with Doc Green, a version of the Hulk with all of his strength, but also the intelligence of Bruce Banner.  Doc Green is to lead Captain Rogers through Greenland on his quest to find his lost friend, Bucky.

Humphries’ writing is still solid in this issue.  The plot is definitely starting to get a little more interesting here, as I suspected it might in my review for issue #1.  Doc Green is the second character that we’ve met so far who seems to have some kind of idea as to what’s going on in the bigger picture of Battleworld as a whole, as he mentions having met several different versions of the Captain, so it should be pretty fun to see where Humphries takes that plot line.  There’s also a little more action here than we got in issue #1, as the main characters encounter many different creatures on their trek across the gamma irradiated wastes of Greenland.

Marc Laming’s artwork is also great here.  The radioactive flora and fauna that he draws on the page are both grotesque and pretty imaginative.  And the monstrous reveal in the issue’s last panel is also something kind of fun that most Hulk fans will truly appreciate.

Having not previously read too many Hulk stories, I’m really enjoying this one, and I’m starting to think this series might actually be one of the true “must-reads” to come out of the Secret Wars event.  The characters and story are both interesting, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

The Verdict for Planet Hulk #2:
5/5 – Must Have Moar!!!

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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