The final story of the Ultimate Marvel Universe continues with the third issue, but just because it’s the last one, does that also mean it’s a good one?  Let’s find out.

Ultimate End #3 gives us the lead up to what happened in issue #2 that led to a fight between the Ultimate Hulk and the Earth 616 Hulk while also showing some of the aftermath of the destruction their fight caused.  The inmates released after the Hulk fight wrecked a prison are starting to run rampant across New York City, and there’s one vigilante in particular who has taken it upon himself to stop them all.  Permanently.

Bendis is seemingly trying to tell two stories at once here.  One going backwards that tries to explain the end of the previous issue, and another going forward that shows the aftermath and gives a preview for what’s happening next.  Unfortunately, the end result is kind of confusing, and worse than that, just not really that interesting.  I also feel like the reason for the beginning of the Hulk fight is pretty weak, and the meeting of two other alternate reality characters that could have been immensely interesting is pretty much over before it even begins.

Bagley’s artwork in this issue is good.  I found no major flaws in it, but he does seem to be much more comfortable drawing books that focus on one single character vs. a book with large groups of characters.  His style has a distinct look to it that can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish who is who in a larger group.  Aside from that, I’m satisfied with the art in the series so far.

Unfortunately, for this being the last story in the Ultimate Universe, I’m a little disappointed so far.  It just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I’m trying to hope for better as this series begins to near its conclusion, but it’s becoming more difficult to do so with each new issue that comes out.

The Verdict for Ultimate End #3:
3/5 – Meh…

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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