The webbed wall crawler is back for issue #2, but is it as good as the debut issue in the series?  Let’s take a peek and see.

ASM: Renew Your Vows #2 finds Peter coping with a decision he made in the final pages of issue #1 (No spoilers.  Go read it.  It was great.).  He and MJ also have to deal with the fact that their daughter, Annie, exhibits similar powers to those of her father.  This poses a serious problem, since the Regent, the ruler of this section of Battleworld, searches out anyone with powers so that he can absorb them to make himself stronger.  Peter and Annie have to hide their abilities, lest they be tracked down and killed simply for having them.

Dan Slott walks a fine line with the writing in this series, as he almost finds himself writing an X-Men persecution style story with Spider-Man as his main character.  The great thing is that it actually works.  This is a Spider-Man that we rarely see, one who knows when he’s beaten and needs to just keep quiet in order to stay alive.  A huge part of the Spidey character is his ability to keep things light, even under tremendous pressure, but in this series, Slott has given the Webhead a threat so dangerous that his usual antics just won’t work this time, so for once in his life he has to simply blend in and be the normal, non-heroic guy.  It’s also very interesting that he takes the sentence that turns Peter Parker into Spider-Man (With great power, there must also come great responsibility), and uses it as a justification for Peter to stay hidden in the shadows in order to protect his family.  This story really is taking everything that we know about the character and turning it inside out, and it works really well.

Adam Kubert’s art work in this series has also been great so far.  There’s a genuine emotional connection between Peter and his wife and daughter that you can see in the panels.  You also feel Peter and MJ’s fear and desperation when they think that Annie might be in trouble.  And there’s also a really great family-centric moment at the end of the issue that Kubert works to perfection.  This series definitely has solid art from a veteran in the field.

Overall, I’m enjoying this series way more than I thought I would.  I knew next to nothing coming into this one, but I can honestly say that I’m glad I started reading it.  It’s a really compelling and emotional story from a veteran Spidey writer and a veteran comic artist.  I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less than what I’m getting.

The Verdict for Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2:
4/5 – I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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