Ghost Racers #2 gives a little bit of backstory on Robbie Reyes and his time on Battleworld.  We’re shown what Robbie did before he became a Ghost Racer, and how he got caught up in the races to begin with.  We also get to see just how far Arcade, the master of the Killiseum is willing to go to keep his racers in line, and how far his tactics push Robbie and his vengeful spirit Eli, over the edge.

I’m starting to get the sneaky suspicion that Felipe Smith took the writing duties on this book just so he could continue telling Robbie’s story, because the newest Ghost Rider is definitely the main character here as he was in issue #1.  Honestly, I’m OK with that.  Reyes is an interesting character with an interesting story to tell, and Smith tells it well, but it might be nice to get a little more of the other racers as well  Aside from that, this issue has a good blend of backstory, emotion, and action.

Gedeon’s artwork is again on point here.  The action is intense and leaps off the page, and the emotions and reactions drawn into the characters faces are fantastic.  The story lets us know why they race so hard, and Gedeon draws that desperation directly onto their faces.  I’m really enjoying the artwork in this series.

Overall, this book is fantastic.  I know it’s probably one that is going to get overlooked once the event is over because it doesn’t really contribute in a major way to the story of Battleworld, but I honestly feel like it gives the world and the characters a little bit of depth.  It’s also quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The Verdict for Ghost Racers #2:
4/5 – I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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