Ok, so my latest form of review is going to be of the super short variety, like less than 150 words.  Here we go.

We get three stories here, one involving multiple Wolverines, one involving the Deadpool of 1872, and a one-page Ant-Man tale.  Bottom line, none of them are very good.  The Wolverine story is very confusing, with art that’s not so great.  The Deadpool in the old west yarn is probably the best of the bunch because it at least has some comedy going for it, and the Ant-Man story makes little to no sense at all.  It’s kind of disappointing because this anthology series started with some promise, but while Secret Wars Journal seems to be getting better with each issue, this series is going in the opposite direction, and fast.  Each new issue seems more thrown together than the last.

The Verdict for Secret Wars Battleworld #3:
2/5 – This both sucks and blows

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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