Recent Captain America scribe Rick Remender gives us his contribution to the Secret Wars event with Hail Hydra #1.  How does it stand up to the rest of the event’s tie-ins?  Let’s see.

Hail Hydra is the continuation of Remender’s two year run on Captain America, which saw Steve Rogers replaced as Cap by his long time friend, Sam Wilson, aka Falcon.  That series also introduced Steve’s son Ian, that he adopted from villain Arnim Zola during a 12 year period where he was trapped in dimension Z.  This series focuses on Ian as the character of Nomad in a domain of Battleworld where Hydra is and always has been in control.  Ian does his best to fight for freedom in this heavily oppressed society, but in the end he runs into an opponent that he never could have imagined.

Rick Remender’s writing in this debut issue is solid, as Ian’s mentality and thought process is pretty similar to that of his adopted father’s.  He believes in freedom.  He might question that in conjunction with his origins, but Cap instilled a sense of justice and morality in Ian that always leads him down the right path.  Remender always seemed comfortable writing Captain
America’s character and that comfort seems to continue into his writing of Ian.  He’s good at writing stalwarts is what I’m saying.  Aside from great characterization, he also presents an interesting story here in an alternate universe imagining of New York City where the “bad guys” have always been in charge.

Roland Boschi’s artwork is decent enough here.  Some of the action sequences can be a little confusing as far as character positioning goes, but for the most part it’s pretty good.  The character designs and expressions are nothing spectacular, but they’re not bad either.  One of the more positive aspects of the artwork is the fluidity of motion that’s portrayed in the panels.  Ian certainly gives the impression of being able to move gracefully and stay light on his feet, and that is expressed well through the art.

Overall, this issue definitely seems like it could be the start of a pretty interesting series.  I would have liked a little bit more out of the artwork at times, but a solid story and good characterization keep this one on the positive side of my review spectrum.

The Verdict for Hail Hydra #1:
4/5 – I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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