Arkon’s march across Weirdworld continues in issue #2, but what new and unbelievable terrors await him?  In this issue of Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo’s series, we find the main character being held prisoner by the city of Apelantis… yes, that’s correct, underwater apes.  However, a strange cell mate might hold Arkon’s key to freedom.

Aaron’s writing continues to shine here, as he writes the bull-headed character of Arkon.  The strong will of the character seems to plow through what could otherwise be a relatively mundane story in the hands of a less talented writer.  Arkon’s cell mate here is also quite interesting, in both an intriguing and somewhat tragic way, and he illustrates just how difficult life in Battleworld, and more specifically, Weirdworld can be.  The grand plan of the main villain in the series is not quite clear yet, but I’m ok with that, as it seems little pieces keep falling together with each passing issue.

Mike Del Mundo’s artwork is… weird, but in a good way.  The lines are rough, the creatures are hideous, and the surrounding environment is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.  It seems to fit the style of the narrative perfectly, and the images are almost like pictures painted onto a scroll, or cave wall.  There’s an interesting depth and texture here that you don’t often find in comics, and it all adds to the rough nature of the story being told.

Admittedly, I was hesitant about this series at first, but it has certainly become one that I look forward to now.  A solid creative team, and a unique story combine to make this series great.

The Verdict for Weirdworld #2:
5/5 – Must Have Moar!!!

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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