Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon continue their tale of Battleworld’s most popular sporting even in Ghost Racers #3.  This issue starts immediately after the conclusion of issue #2 with Robbie on the run, pursued by his rival Ghost Riders and the cruel overseer of the races, Zadkiel.  The action in this issue is on par with the previous two, but the interest factor is starting to wan a little bit.  Also, there’s a point in this issue where a very quick shift occurs, that doesn’t necessarily feel natural and it just doesn’t seem to fit.  Aside from that, the artwork by Gedeon is once again great, and the teaser for the upcoming issue looks like it might be a return to what made this series good in the first place.  Hopefully, we can count this as one minor misstep in an otherwise solid mini-series.

The Verdict for Ghost Racers #3:
3/5 – Meh…

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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