Issue #4 of Secret Wars: Battleworld gives us two stories involving two different versions of the Silver Surfer.  The first takes place in Egyptia with the surfer acting in his now famous role as the herald of Galactus, and the second is in Dystopia, with the surfer confronting the Maestro himself in order to get his board back

The Egyptia story is written and illustrated by James Stokoe.  The Surfer teams up with Egyptia’s version of the Juggernaut to hunt a gigantic reptile that he takes back to feed Galactus, only to discover that the world eater has not quite lived up to his end of their bargain.  This story has a low-key, yet serious tone to it, and you can genuinely feel the Surfer’s emotion at the end.  Stokoe’s artwork is also incredibly detailed, which gives the world a very unique look as well.  When we finally see his version of Galactus in the story’s final few pages, he is this massive, grotesque, and terrifying creature.  Definitely a new and interesting take on the character, and one that I really enjoyed.

The Dystopia story finds the domain’s baron, the Maestro, enjoying life in his throne room, when he receives word that someone has dared to try and break into his trophy room.  When he finds out that it’s the Silver Surfer, the Maestro sets out to make him pay for his crime.  This story is written by Peter David and drawn by Daniel Valadez, both of whom do their job brilliantly.  David’s story is fun and interesting, and Valadez’s art is solid.  This story doesn’t have the same emotional impact as the one which precedes it, but it’s a nice bit of levity with some possible hints to upcoming events on Battleworld.

In the end, this is probably the best issue of the Battleworld mini-series to come out since the first.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve always kind of liked the Silver Surfer character.

The Verdict for Secret Wars: Battleworld #4:
4/5 – I can dig it.

Until next time,
Stay nerdy, my friends.

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