Planet Hulk #4 finds barbarian Steve Rogers captured by the tribal Hulks in his quest to hunt the Red King, ruler of the Mud Kingdom.  His mission: to find his former partner, Bucky Barnes.  His companions, Devil Dinosaur, and Doc Green, who have been with him his entire trip through Greenland are nowhere to be found as he is bound and carried through the kingdom to one who will ultimately determine his fate.  However, all hope may not yet be lost for the Captain.

Sam Humphries works his magic yet again with this issue.  The basic storytelling is there, the interest is there, and the action is there.  When those three are blended together, and done well, the story just works.  Cap is steadfast as always, with his “never retreat, never surrender” attitude, which could either get him all the way through hardships to his goal, or get him killed somewhere along the way.  Also, the big reveal at the end of the issue wasn’t a total jaw-dropping shock moment, but it was unexpected, and it makes me eager to read the final issue to see how the characters handle it.

Laming’s solid artwork has been one of the constants with this series.  It certainly has a bit of classic comic book feel to it, and I can appreciate that.  It may not have the slick, polished look that some modern comics have, and it’s not completely primitive, but it’s somewhere in between, and I like it.

In the end, the story here is on par with the issues that preceded it.  There is a little bit of contrivance and “Deus ex Machina” early on, but it’s nothing to terrible, and the art is just as solid as it’s always been.  I eagerly anticipate the fifth and final issue of the series.

The Verdict for Planet Hulk #4:
4/5 – I can dig it.

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