When we last left our hero, he was about to be separated from a… uh… smaller portion of himself by the members of the Amazonian-like tribe of women which his one-time passenger Clementine has joined.  All he wants to do is fix his plane and fly out of this place.  One of the best features of this story continues to be the comedy.  It’s genuinely funny to see the situations that Karl finds himself in and has to get out of.  In this issue it’s even remarked that his stupidity saves his life, which is kind of true.  This issue brings a little more of the fun factor back to the series, but the last page and preview for the final issue seem to have more of the dark and sinister tone that we saw in issue #3.  It should be interesting to see what the final issue has in store.

The Verdict for Where Monsters Dwell #4:
4/5 – I can dig it.

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