I find myself playing catch-up again, which means shorter reviews for a little while.  This time we’re back with Bendis and Sorrentino’s Old Man Logan #4.  In this issue, we find our titular character stuck in the middle of the Deadlands of Battleworld, banished for crossing too many territorial borders and causing a significant amount of trouble.  We get slightly more substance in this issue than we have in the last couple entries in this series, but ultimately, there’s still just not that much here.  There’s a lot of action in issue #4, but it doesn’t really accomplish anything, or really move the story any further.  With only the final issue left, I’m sitting here wondering where exactly is this story leading to?  Andrea Sorrentino’s art is easily the best part of this series.  Again, he delivers a great issue here.

The Verdict for Old Man Logan #4:
3/5 – Meh…

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