As with the other entries in this mini-series, issue #4 of Secret Wars Journal contains two short stories.  The first, from writer Mike Benson and artist Laura Braga tells the tale of and exiled Iron Fist and Punisher from two different domains, who have been sentenced to serve on the “Shield.”  A gigantic wall that separates the more civilized territories of Battleworld from the domains full of mindless killing hordes.  The second, written by Sina Grace and illustrated by Ken Lashley tells of a rescue mission in the Sentinel territories involving Psylocke.  Both stories are pretty good, although I definitely enjoyed the first one more than the second.  However, neither of them really stands out in any particular way, which mean they both sort of border just on the edge of boring.

The Verdict for Secret Wars Journal #4:
3/5 – Meh…

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