A suspect has finally been brought in to be questioned in the murder of one of the Thors, but does Loki know more than he lets on?  The Ultimate Thor seems to think so, and he has vowed to let nothing stop him in his quest to catch his partner’s killer.  He doesn’t realize just how dangerous the road ahead could be.

Jason Aaron continues this fantastic detective story, that just keeps getting better and better.  It fits the genre so well, without sinking too far into the realm of cliche.  Loki’s crazy street informant character is perfect for the story, and serves to add a little bit of depth without slowing the pace one bit.  Also, the predicament that Ultimate Thor finds himself in at the end of this issue has me just about foaming at the mouth to find out what happens in issue #4.

Sprouse’s artwork is also something to be praised.  This book takes us to some of the dark and seedy corners of Battleworld and you genuinely feel that in the art.  This book is the dark alley that you wouldn’t want to walk down alone at night, but you have to because you just can’t help yourself, and you really want to find out what’s at the other end.  I mean that in the most positive way that I possibly can.

This is easily one of my favorite mini-series in the entire Secret Wars event, and I sincerely hope that the quality art and storytelling continue right on through the final issues.  Aaron writes Thor stories brilliantly, and I can’t wait to see how this one ends.

The Verdict for Thors #3:
5/5 – Must Have Moar!!!

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