The final issue of Dan Slott and Adam Kubert’s Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows was released yesterday, and it was certainly a fitting way to end the series.  In the domain known as the Regency, a villain known as Regent has captured all of the heroes and harvests them for their powers.  The last of his collection, Spider-Man, was recently apprehended, and now the Regent believes that he has every ability he will need to take on the ultimate ruler of the planet, Doom.  However, he never counted on Spider-Man’s family showing up.

Slott’s mastery of the Spider-Man character and everything that he stands for has been the one constant throughout this series, and this issue is no different.  This series was immensely successful in breaking down the character to his simplest parts and examining them to get to the core of what actually makes Peter Parker Spider-Man, and that element is responsibility.  Peter is and always has been devoted to the idea that with great power comes great responsibility.  He wrestles with himself throughout these five issues as to exactly how to interpret those words, but he never actually abandons the philosophy.

Kubert’s artwork is again some of the best in the business.  He manages to capture both emotions and actions well.  This issue has a decent amount of both, so his talent really shines here.  I especially liked some of Peter’s more serious facial expressions when he started to think about his family in danger, and just how far he would be willing to go in order to save them.

All in all, I enjoyed this series a lot more than I initially thought I was going to, as I’m not a really big Spider-Man reader.  I may just have to consider picking up another Spidey book once the Secret Wars and Battleworld sort themselves out.

The Verdict for Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #5:
5/5 – Must Have Moar!!!

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