Rick Remender’s continuation of his Captain America run continues on Battleworld in Hail Hydra #2.  Nomad, aka Ian Rogers is in an unique situation as he fights an alternate reality version of himself that was raised by Arnim Zola and not Steve Rogers.  During the course of the fight he is seriously injured, but manages to find his way to a group of the leftover heroes hiding out in the sewers.  Zola tries to find Ian again by using his best tracker, Venom.

Remender’s storytelling in this issue is fast and furious.  He leaves little time to soak in the implications of the major events as they happen, and there are plenty here.  He also pulls no punches, which I guess is one of the artistic liberties afforded by an alternate reality event like this.  A writer can deal out massive amounts of carnage to major characters and it won’t really affect future storylines all that much.  The other interesting thing that I’m noticing about this series, is that it’s one of the very few stories where we have a character who is familiar with the way life was before Battleworld, which creates an interesting dynamic when Ian is interacting with characters who have no clue.

Roland Boschi’s artwork isn’t great here.  Some of the panels seem to be lacking detail, which can make it a little difficult to tell exactly what’s going on sometimes.  None of it is completely terrible, but I certainly feel like it could have been significantly better.  However, one of the positive aspects of his style is that it is dark and gritty, which compliments a story like this one well.

Overall, I’m liking the story of this series, and I am curious to see where it goes.  I would have hoped for a slightly better artist, but it’s not something that takes away too much from the overall quality of the book.

The Verdict for Hail Hydra #2:
4/5 – I can dig it.

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