Sam Humphries and Marc Laming’s Planet Hulk mini-series drew to a close last week with issue #5, and it didn’t disappoint, well, maybe a little.  I’m going to keep this pretty short to avoid any spoilers.

Humphries has been building to the confrontation between Gladiator Cap and the Red King since the first issue, and we finally get it here, but it’s not the epic fight you would have hoped for, as it ends after only a few panels.  It really felt like a let down after we’ve been following the story through the previous four issues. However, we do learn some very interesting things about Cap’s guide through Greenland, Doc Green, which sort of made up for the lack of a huge final confrontation, and asks the question just how well do we really know ourselves?  In the end, the slight let down of this last issue certainly doesn’t take away from a solid series overall.  Give it a read.

The Verdict for Planet Hulk #5:
4/5 – I can dig it.

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