Issue #4 of Marvel’s otherworldly, fantasy tale, Weirdworld, was recently released.  In it the hero, Arkon, finds himself lost in the forest of the Man-Things on his never ending quest to find his home, Polemachus.  However, someone in the forest may have a special plan for Arkon.  This series continues to remain firmly grounded in one of the more unique corners of the Secret Wars world.  Jason Aaron’s story continues to dig deeper into Arkon’s frame of mind, while simultaneously showing us more of the wonders of Weirdworld, and it seems there might be more factions at play than we initially thought.  But, with only one issue left, I wonder if he might have introduced too many different plot lines to wrap up cleanly in the last chapter.  Del Mundo’s art continues to be spectacular.  Certainly one of the best of all the tie-ins that I’m reading.

The Verdict for Weirdworld #4:
4/5 – I can dig it.

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