The first volume of this series about violent anthropomorphic woodland creatures comes to an end with this fourth issue.  After the sudden and shocking events of the last issue, the Tin Kin tribe sets out to find a few of their missing comrades, but are they walking right into a trap?  So here’s the basic gist, this story started out fantastically, but as each successive issue came out, it became harder and harder to distinguish which animal was which, particularly when it seems like new characters are introduced with each issue.  This of course makes it kind of confusing when there are many different characters talking in the same scene.  One of the consistently amazing things in this series has been Ashley Witter’s artwork.  I would actually suggest reading this series just for the artwork alone.  It is everything that I’ve talked it up to be since issue one.  Overall I enjoyed this series, but the writing quality did seem to dip in the later issues.

The Verdict for Squarriors #4:
3 out of 5

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