The tie-ins are ending faster than I can keep up with them!  Last week the final chapter of X-Men ’92 dropped… with a bang.  The massive X-Sentinel has come to accomplish its mission of assassinating Baron Kelley, but the X-Men might just have something to say about that.  Chris Sims and Chad Bowers keep this action-packed nostalgia trip rolling with a good, old-fashioned X-Men vs. Sentinel fight.  This series has been really fun to read throughout and the final issue is no exception.  It’s a little silly in some spots, particularly in the relationship between Gambit and Rogue, but that just makes it all the more fun.  Scott Koblish’s artwork plays perfectly into the story as well, with the characters looking just slightly cartoonish, but it’s never over the top.  This just might have been the most fun series to come out of Secret Wars.

The Verdict for X-Men ’92 #4:
4 out of 5

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