Hail Hydra has been Rick Remender’s vision of a world (or in this case a Battleworld domain) run by the Hydra villains of the Marvel universe.  In the last issue, we witnessed what might have been the destruction of the last hope for the good guys, but Ian continues on undeterred, just like his father taught him.  Remender builds on that theme of hopelessness here, while simultaneously devising a way for Nomad to get past Baron Zola’s security.  One of the things that I didn’t like was how the side character, Ellie, came off as incredibly whiny.  Unfortunately, it happens more than once in this issue, and I feel like it’s at a detriment to the story and probably not the way she would act given who her parents are.  Boschi’s art continues to fit well with the dark nature of the story, but some of the finer details about it just aren’t there.

The Verdict for Hail Hydra #3:
3 out of 5

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