And one more of the Secret Wars tie-ins comes to a close with Old Man Logan #5.  In this issue Logan finds himself in an alternate version of New York City, meeting people that couldn’t possibly exist in his world.  Some of whom want to use his battle experience to lead an uprising to try and take down a god.  I think I can honestly say that of all the tie-in series, this one probably disappointed me the most.  I was really looking forward to a great follow-up to one of the best Wolverine stories in recent years, but was given nothing more than a set-up for the Old Man Logan ongoing series which starts in January.  The issue ends in a relatively confusing fashion, and we’re going to have to wait about three months to figure out what exactly happened.  I definitely would have preferred a single, self-contained story, rather than a prologue to a future series.  Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork has been the consistent bright spot throughout this series and that continues here in the final issue.

The Verdict for Old Man Logan #5:
3 out of 5

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