Marvel’s western came to a close last week with 1872 #4, but is this the last we’ll see of these versions of our favorite characters?  Events in the issue would tend to point to no.  The story comes to a fitting end in this issue, with what definitely appears to be a preview of things to come.  All the loose ends are tied up in a neat little bow (much better than the final issues of some of the other tie-ins), but some new questions are asked in the final pages of the issue.  There’s also a hint that this isn’t the end of the story.  However, how these characters will fit into the post Secret Wars Marvel landscape is pretty unclear.  Red Wolf has appeared in some of the “All New, All Different” previews, but to my knowledge, he’s the only one.  I’d be curious to see where Marvel decides to go with this one, as I did enjoy it.

The Verdict for 1872 #4:
4 out of 5

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