Weirdworld draws to a close with issue #5.  Arkon has found his home, but he has arrived just in time to see it come under attack from the Baroness of Weirdworld herself, Morgan Le Fay.  This issue has all the barbarian sword battling you could hope for, as Arkon fights and slashes his way through the remaining armies of the domain.  The story wraps up quite nicely, by bringing together most of the larger cast of characters from previous issues.  We also get a possible hint at what might happen in the main Secret Wars event, which is kind of interesting, considering that this was obviously published before the end of the event.  Makes me wonder if this was deliberate, or an unwanted side effect of Marvel’s notorious publishing delays.  Either way, I definitely enjoyed this series from beginning to end, and issue #5 is no exception.

The Verdict for Weirdworld #5:
4 out of 5

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