So, this is going to be a really short review, because if you’re not reading this series by this point, then there really isn’t a whole lot that I’ll be able to say without spoiling things.  Everything that holds Doom’s Battleworld together is starting to fall apart.  Discord and rebellion have begun to show all over and the whole system is coming apart at the seems.  Hickman’s story continues to be immensely interesting, and I’m learning that he is a masterful writer when it comes to Doom.  He understands the character and really makes you look past the fact that he’s (supposed to be) a villain.  Ribic’s artwork is actually a little lacking in this issue.  While still good, it’s not great, not like what we’ve gotten used to over the past six issues.  The facial expressions of certain characters just doesn’t seem to fit in some panels.  All in all, still a solid issue, but the artwork, in comparison to previous chapters in this story, is what knocks it down a little for me.

The Verdict for Secret Wars #7:
4 out of 5

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