The murderer is revealed.  The motive is revealed.  Battleworld will never be the same.  Jason Aaron’s brilliant tie-in mini-series comes to a close with this week’s Thors #4, and while it may not have been so neatly tied up as some of the other tie-ins, it certainly has one thing going for it in that it is perhaps more closely related to the main event series than any of the others.  Aaron writes these characters perfectly, and in the end he even gives us a little glimpse into what could perhaps be the conclusion to the main Secret Wars event.  Considering something similar happened at the end of Weirdworld, I would be willing to bet it’s probably pretty close to the actual ending, it’s just a matter of getting there at this point.  Sprouse’s artwork seems to have worked better in the darker, grittier settings of the first issues.  This one has a lot of wide open spaces and bright lighting, which don’t seem to suit his style particularly well.  Overall, definitely a fun read and perhaps the most relevant tie-in to the main event.

The Verdict for Thors #4:
4 out of 5

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