Wolverine is back!  Well… sort of.  In All-New Wolverine #1 the mutant clone, Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, takes up the role of Wolverine that Logan (SPOILER ALERT!) left empty when he died last year.  This issue has Laura jumping right into action as she goes after a sniper in the middle of Paris.  She quickly finds out that carrying the Wolverine name comes with a lot of punishment.  However, with some help from fellow X-Man, Angel, she might just make it out alive and find out that the threat could hit a lot closer to home than she originally thought possible.

Writer Tom Taylor gives Laura a deeply personal first story while also remembering to include plenty of action.  He makes it clear that Laura revered and deeply respected the original Wolverine and doesn’t take her new role lightly.  Logan was a very important mentor to her, and that’s shown via a flashback in this issue.  I suspect that we may see more of these in future issues to establish character depth for Laura as she grows out of her role as a pure killing machine.  There’s also a quick comedic moment with Angel here that humanizes and endears both characters.  Taylor definitely put up a solid first issue to build upon and I eagerly anticipate getting to know Laura better and finding out where the story will go from here.

David Lopez and David Navarrot share the art responsibilities for this issue and they do a respectable job.  They create a style that isn’t super detailed.  There are a lot of rough lines that leave a little for the reader’s imagination to fill in, particularly in the backgrounds.  It’s a style that really causes the main characters to stand out, which is actually kind of interesting to see.  You know there are people milling around behind the heroes, but your eyes don’t really focus on them at all, they blend in and actually become part of the background.

I really enjoyed this issue, and look forward to what else Taylor and Lopez/Navarrot bring to the table in the future.  Laura/X-23 is not a character that I’m super familiar with, but I think if anyone had to fill in Wolverine’s shoes, she is probably the best choice Marvel could have made.  As long as this series keeps the action and emotion going, I’ll be back every month to read it, and if you’re a Wolverine fan (like I am), then I think you’ll be happy with it as well.

The Verdict for All-New Wolverine #1:
5 out of 5

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