Jane Foster wields Mjolnir again as The Mighty Thor in this post-Secret Wars series.  Following the revelation earlier this year that Dr. Foster was the mystery woman worthy of the magic hammer, Jason Aaron continues with that story thread almost as though Secret Wars never happened.  The issue starts as Jane sits in a cancer treatment ward receiving chemotherapy.  Doctors are having a tough time figuring out why the treatment isn’t working, but Jane knows that every time she carries the hammer, its magical powers burn the poison out of her body.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have time to let this treatment sink in either, as a large group of murdered elf bodies appears in space near an earth satellite and she takes it upon herself to investigate.

As mentioned before, Aaron picks the story up just about where it left off several months ago, and he doesn’t seem to miss a beat.  Jane’s cancer should make for a very interesting plot point as this story moves forward because she is at her peak physical condition when she becomes Thor, but the transformation also nullifies any positive effects the chemo has and allows the cancer to spread once she returns to her mortal form.  The writing here is great.  Jason Aaron proves that he has a knack for writing stories with big fantasy elements like this, and his dialogue for the characters is really well written.  Of all the new #1’s I’ve read so far, I think I’m most excited about where this series will go.

Russell Dauterman’s artwork is solid.  Asgard is shown with some really beautiful backgrounds, but he also shows that he can work on a smaller, more personal scale as well by getting the little details and facial features of the characters correct.  Jane’s mortal form is sickly looking and skinny but with her own sense of strength and power.  However, once she transforms into Thor, she takes on this beautiful and strong Nordic ideal image.  Both forms have power, it’s just displayed in two different ways.

I think it’s safe to say that I REALLY enjoyed this book.  It’s easily one of the best releases from All-New, All-Different Marvel, and I am eagerly anticipating the next few issues.  Jane is an interesting character, and her condition only makes her more dynamic.  Given some of the mystical forces she’s going to have to go up against, this series should be something spectacular.

The Verdict for The Mighty Thor #1:
5 out of 5

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