Lunella Lafayette is an incredibly intelligent misfit teenager who also happens to possess Inhuman genes.  The scope of her power is unclear, but when she unwittingly summons a dinosaur into the present time, it’s hard to say exactly what will happen.  Writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare spend a significant amount of time in this issue setting up Lunella as an outcast.  She’s smarter than her fellow students, and most of her teachers, so she doesn’t really fit in.  They then tell the story of Devil Dinosaur, which is not so different from Lunella in that he is hated and feared by other species because of his size and power.  Clearly these two will team-up, but the real entertainment will be in their relationship going forward.  Natacha Bustos provides the artwork in this issue and it has a fun, youth centric vibe too it.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say this book is aimed at younger readers, but it’s definitely shaping up to be a fun and probably pretty cute buddy story, and really, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

The Verdict for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1:
4 out of 5

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