Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley take another version of the world’s most famous mutant’s in All-New X-Men #1.  This is the same original group of X-Men that Hank McCoy pulled from the past in the recent volume of All-New X-Men, minus the young Jean Grey, who is flying under the radar and possibly working with the Extraordinary X-Men.  In this series, the X-Men are trying to find the young Scott Summers, who has been quietly tracking a group of mutant criminals on his own.

Hopeless writes a solid story here, not breaking it up too much between multiple different characters in different locations.  He keeps the narrative nice and tight to prevent confusion, while building some character depth in the process.  Some additions to the roster, like the new Wolverine, haven’t really been fleshed out and explained all that well just yet, but it’s still early.  Hopeless also makes the character of Scott Summers more interesting and sympathetic than he has been in quite a while.  It’s a refreshing change of pace for a character who had become exceedingly darker over the years.

Bagley’s artwork is good, not great, but good.  I’ve essentially been a fan of his since the early days of his work on Ultimate Spider-Man, so I’ve grown accustomed to his style over the years.  However, I will say what I’ve said before when it comes to his art, I feel like he’d better served with a smaller cast of characters, as all the faces start to look the same after a while.  That being said, he does an admirable job on this first issue, and I hope the rest continue to look this good.

Overall this book is solid, and I definitely like it a lot more than Extraordinary X-Men.  In the end, I’ll probably end up sticking with this one, while I’ve already contemplated dropping Extraordinary.  There’s a little bit more backstory required for All-New X-Men, but if you take the few minutes to acquaint yourself with it, I think it will end up being the better X-book.

The Verdict for All-New X-Men #1:
5 out of 5

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