Bad news: Becca Rodriguez’s plane just crashed.  Good news: She survived.  Bad news: She somehow ended up in Weirdworld.  There is actually a fair amount of spoiler type information contained in this issue, so I’m going to do my best to try and avoid it.  For those wondering how Weirdworld still fits into the landscape of the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe, that gets explained.  For those wondering what happened to the Weirdworld from the Secret Wars tie-in mini-series, that is also explained.

Sam Humphries picks up the Weirdworld reins not far from where Jason Aaron left them.  His story is a bit quicker-paced than Aaron’s, but it doesn’t seem to cut quite as deep, not right away at least.  There is an indication that we might get some deeper character moments in upcoming issues.

When it came to the art for this series, Marvel employed the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach and re-upped Mike del Mundo for the job.  In my opinion, it was a smart move.  Del Mundo’s unique style really gives the world a signature look and feel.  On top of that, his creature design is fantastic.

If you like action, this one jumps right into it from the start.  There is some emotion mixed in toward the end of the issue, which definitely adds some gravity and seriousness to an otherwise lighthearted beginning to the story.  I look forward to what Humphries has in store for Becca and her new friends.

The Verdict for Weirdworld (Vol 2) #1:
5 out of 5

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