Marvel took it upon themselves to relaunch one of their not-so-recognizable characters in Moon Knight #1, but is it a fitting introduction of the character to a new generation of readers?

Admittedly, I am one of that new generation of readers, as I have had only the most limited experience with the character prior to this issue. I more or less knew there was a Moon Knight… that was about it, but I heard good things about this issue and was curious, so I gave it a shot.

Jeff Lemire writes Marc Spector as a sympathetic character, trapped in an asylum where he doesn’t feel he belongs. We get a brief introduction as to how Marc became the Moon Knight, but we’re never quite sure if that’s just a story he made up in his mind, or if it actually happened. Lemire does a great job dangling the carrot of Marc’s sanity without ever letting the readers know which version of the events is real.

Artist Greg Smallwood illustrates a stellar first issue. The art has an indefinite, almost hazy, feel to it that keeps you constantly wondering if what you’re seeing is really happening, or if it might be some corrupted memory. When paired with this particular storyline, it works beautifully.

I went in to this with little to no expectations, and I think I came out a new fan of the character. Pretty sure I’ll stick with this one through at least the first story arc.

The Verdict for Moon Knight #1:
5 out of 5

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