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We’re used to a world that hates and fears mutants, but in Extraordinary X-Men #1 that fear and hatred gets taken to a whole new level.  Following the spread of the Inhumans Terrigen Mist, mutantkind is on the decline.  The Mist has some pretty severe effects on mutants, often causing serious harm and rendering all of them sterile.  There is no question, the mutants currently in existence will be the last generation.  These extraordinary times require an extraordinary team to fight the evils of the world, and this group of X-Men, led by Storm, is stepping up to the plate.

Jeff Lemire handles the writing task on this series, and he does a pretty good job of keeping things interesting.  We feel the tension and the vitriol that the mutants face from humans.  Lemire uses this first issue as more of an introduction piece to show Storm gathering as many mutants as she can in order to bring them to a safe location.  In the process of doing that, she is simultaneously recruiting proven fighters like Colossus and Nightcrawler to help defend the compound and keep it safe.  This makes for a lot of jumping around in the narrative, but for the most part, there is enough material with each scene to keep the story from getting too scattered.

Humberto Ramos gets the art chores here.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of Ramos’ style.  I find it to be too over the top and cartoonish, but in this series it seems to work pretty well.  I’m not sure if he dialed it back a little bit for this book, but I don’t completely hate it.  At the same time, this was more of a slow-paced, story-building issue, so it’s entirely possible that once we get to some more action scenes I may be reminded why I didn’t care too much for his art in the first place.

Overall, this book isn’t really amazing, and there’s nothing particularly special about it, but it is interesting, and I do want to see where they go with it.  Particularly after the last scene in this debut issue.  The first issue kind of plodded along and spread itself around a lot, but now that it seems like all the pieces might be in place, I’d be really curios to see where the creative team decides to steer this team in the chaotic world that they’ve established for them.  Definitely worth a read if you’re an X-Men fan.  If not, you might want to hold out for one of the more mainstream X-books to relaunch.

The Verdict for Extraordinary X-Men #1:
4 out of 5

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