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Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley create the final issue ever set within the Ultimate Marvel Universe.  For those of your looking for a big, exciting story to end the universe with, unfortunately, you won’t find it here.  I really had high hopes for this mini-series.  I understand that the creators probably had some really strict guidelines that they were forced to work within, but I think think the Ultimate Universe deserved a better sendoff than what it got here.  This final issue in the series does shed a little more light on how and why these specific characters are here, but ultimately, everything just feels empty.  It almost seems like the only reason this series even existed was to provide a transition for Miles Morales into the regular Marvel Universe, which I guess I can accept… no… sorry, I can’t.  There would have been better and easier ways to accomplish it.  Perhaps even a mini-series dedicated strictly to Miles, rather than what we got that claimed to be the “Ultimate End.”  What was once a great comic universe on par with any of the others sure ended with a whimper.

The Verdict for Ultimate End #5:
2 out of 5

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